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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Intelligent Design vs Darwinism

Intelligent Design documentary film is so good its creators will pay you to see it

6bb7c_expelled-250x250.jpg Well, not you, specifically, but if you're a gullible Christian student, get on the money train and see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, to earn sweet cash for your Christian school. The producers of this Intelligent Design doc are offering cash donations to Christian schools in return for ticket stubs proving attendance (or at least purchased tickets). Breaks down like this (from the website):

* 0-99 ticket stubs submitted = $5 per ticket stub * 100-299 ticket stubs submitted = $1,000 donated to your school * 300-499 ticket stubs submitted = $2,500 donated to your school * 500 ticket stubs submitted = $5,000 donated to your school

"Each school across the nation will be competing for the top honor of submitting the most ticket stubs with that school having their $5,000 donation matched for a total donation of $10,000!"

So is this movie, hosted by Ben Stein and featuring appearances from Richard Dawkins (man just can't resist a pissing match) and science hacks Jon Wells and Michael Eignor, worth being paid to see? Check the trailer after the jump.

(The trailer's You Tube site has been acting buggy all day, so if it do



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