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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Index to More Dino finds

More National Geographic News Stories on Dinosaurs: Loch Ness Sea Monster Fossil a Hoax, Say Scientists Newly Rediscovered Dinosaur Fossil is Missing Link to Jurassic Giants Dinosaur Cannibal: Fossil Evidence Found in Africa Bizarre Dinosaurs Shed Light on Adaptation Robots Designed to Show How Dinosaurs Moved Dino Dung: Paleontology's Next Frontier? Do They Really Look Like That? The Science of Dino Art Dinosaur Footprints: Tracks Tell Prehistoric Secrets Four-Winged Dinosaurs Found in China, Experts Announce Utah Dinos May Have Been Killed By Drought Cuban Dinosaur: First Confirmed Remains Discovered Dinosaur Cannibal?—Mystery in New Mexico Tetrapod Fossil Found—First Ever in Asia New Picture of Dinosaurs Emerging Fossil Implies Our Early Kin Lived in Trees, Study Says Weird Buck-Toothed Dinosaur Found Dinosaur Tracks Preserved on Scottish Island Dinosaur Tracks Shed Light on Sauropod Evolution Comets May Have Led to Birth and Death of Dinosaur Era Fossil of Dog-Size Horned Dinosaur Unearthed in China Tyrannosaurus rex Was a Slowpoke Researchers Rethink Dinosaur Die Off Scenario Researchers Melt Polar Dinosaur Mysteries Scientist's Finds Spur New Thinking on Dino Evolution Dino-Era Vomit Fossil Found in England Study Paints New Picture of Dinosaur's Nose Skeleton of New Dinosaur "Titan" Found in Madagascar "Tidal Giant" Roamed Coastal Swamps of Ancient Africa "Feathered" Fossil Bolsters Changing Image of Dinosaurs Oddly Angled Teeth Make Masiakasaurus Stick Out New Find: Pterosaur Had Strange Crest, Fishing Style Dinosaur Beak Probably Used to Strain Food, Not Kill Prey

Additional Dinosaur Resources from National Geographic: Paul Sereno: National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and Dinosaur Hunter Dinorama Wanted: Albertosaurus Dinosaur Eggs Pterosaurs Destinations: Dinosaur National Monument


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