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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Signs of and Solutions to World Water Crisis National Geographic = signs and solutions to water shortage Click on "interactive map" link Phot: Girl drinking bottled water

Interactive Map

Explore the signs of and solutions to the world’s water crisis.

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Photo: Severely dry ground
The U.S. West will see devastating droughts as global warming reduces the amount of mountain snow and causes the snow that does fall to melt earlier in the year, a new study says.
Photo: Man drinking from hose
More than one billion people worldwide have no access to safe drinking water, leaving them vulnerable to any number of water-associated illnesses. Get the facts with this Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site.
Photo: People waiting for water
Do you have all the facts about the water crisis facing our planet? Get more information, plus the latest water-related headlines, lesson plans, and much more from Water Partners International.
Photo: A woman gathers water from a river in Bangladesh.
Microscopic organisms that get their energy by inhaling metals in the ground play a key role in the arsenic poisoning of drinking water for millions of people in Bangladesh and West Bengal, according to a new study.
Photo: An Indian woman fills a bowl with water from a canal near the Hooghly River, in Calcutta.
Since its early days as a village, Kolkata's population has exploded, as has its need for water. Find out what life is like for those who live without an ample supply of fresh, clean water.



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