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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sites For Prehistoric Worlds

CLICK HERE TO access site for slides of prehistoric world >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

About the Prehistoric World

Photo: T. rex skeleton on display in museum

Cretaceous Photo Gallery

Explore the age of reptiles.

Image: Precambrain age

Precambrian Time

Earth's earliest geologic age set the stage.

Image: Dinosaur extinction

Dinosaur Extinction

What killed the dinosaurs?

Image: Cambrian period

Cambrian Period

It produced Earth's greatest burst of life.

Did You Know?

Mountain Makers the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia were formed during the Ordovician period, when the landmasses of Avalonia and Laurentia collided.

Related Features

Image: A dinosaur

Extreme Dinosaurs

A bizarre gallery of Mesozoic monsters prompts John Updike to ask: What has evolution wrought?

Dinosaur Death Traps

In China's Gobi desert, paleontologists are uncovering pits of dinosaur fossils stacked five deep. What happened here? Learn more through videos and games from the National Geographic Channel.



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