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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Russian Creatures Resembling Horse Shoe Crabs. Photos: Russian Creature found in abandoned pit. All photos Horse Shoe Crabs below (photos from internet): Compare to Russian Creatures above wierd creature These weird creatures (top photos)were found in an abandoned foundation pit in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. They bear a remarkable resemblance to the familiar horse shoe crab (lower set of photos). The tails of the creatures appear thicker and longer than that of horse shoe crabs, and there seems to be a difference in the shell formation. However, there are several different species of horse shoe crabs and I cannot find photos of each specie. Is this a horse shoe crab variant? Horse shoe crabs apparently come out of the sea only to procreate and bury their eggs in sand. Is there saline intertidal sand flats near the foundation pit so that the creatures bent on mating could have fallen into it? OR -- are these some sort of mutated horse shoe crab resulting from radiation poisoning from Chernobyl or other sources? (A serious nuclear accident occurred in 1957 at the Mayak nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, 150 km north-west of the city, caused deaths in Chelyabinsk Oblast but not in the city. The province was closed to all foreigners until 1992. - wikipedia)



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