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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Five Species of Crocs Once in Sahara, Some Stood Upright

Five Crocodile Species That Once Lived in Sahara/ BoarCroc

Prehistoric Crocodile In a newly published paper, scientists have described five crocodile species who once lived in present-day Niger and Morocco. The scientists gave their discoveries names that evoke each species' unique physical attributes. The meat-eating "BoarCroc," above, measured 20 feet, with an armored snout and three sets of dagger-shaped fangs.

Lead Scientist The expedition was guided by Professor Paul Sereno, from the University of Chicago, who stands with models of some of the team's discoveries in this photo.



RatCroc Discovered in Morocco, this three foot long croc could walk upright. Many of the specimens were found at one location, lying on the surface of a remote stretch of dunes, which in prehistoric times, had been covered by lush plains and broad rivers.

PancakeCroc PancakeCroc-2

PancakeCroc Named for its flat head, this 20-footer lived in Niger and Morocco.

DogCroc DogCroc Like several of the newly described species, the DogCroc was able to walk upright.

Croc Fangs Fangs Scientist Sereno theorizes that crocodiles as a species survived the dinosaur era because of their agility on land and in the water.


DuckCroc The crocs will be featured in a documentary "When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs" to be shown on the National Geographic Channel. A story about them also appears in the November issue of National Geographic Magazine.



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